Proud me . . .

Today has been a crazy hectic day as far as work goes. I got into the office about 8:30 and was slammed until I walked out the door at 5:00. I didn't even get to leave for lunch! Thankfully, I keep some snacks around so I was able to eat.

Prior to work, I had bootcamp (as usual). Today was the group scavenger hunt around campus. The group I was supposed to be in ended up being just me because two people didn't show up. So, I was placed in the next fastest group "to go for the challenge" to quote my wonderful instructor. (And that wonderful is in no way sarcastic -- she is wonderful!) So, I was definitely pushed today, which is a good thing. My shins hurt a bit, but that passed fairly quickly. About 3/4 of the way through I was thinking I would crash before we finished. My legs were so very tired. However, my group kept me going, I finished and we won! How cool is that? This is the first time my group actually had time to finish all the tasks and then we won to boot. I was proud of us!

Tomorrow is the post-test and I'm really hoping I can bring my timed run down below 9:00. I don't care if it's 8:59, just below 9:00. That is my goal!

Multiple things . . .

I’ve been slowly making my way through the shows in my DVR, save one. I’m caught up on Grey’s Anatomy, Ugly Betty, Weeds, and Dexter. However, I could not force myself to watch Nip/Tuck. I’ve watched Nip/Tuck since Season 1. Seasons 1 & 2 were great – shocking with lots of drama – but since the Season 3 finale it’s really gone down hill. I did watch the first 4 or 5 episodes, but just can’t get into it anymore. Maybe I’ll catch a marathon one night, who knows. I am disappointed in you Ryan Murphy! Seriously, what happened to Nip/Tuck?

Dexter is a show that I love! Michael C. Hall is fantastic! There’s lots of dry humor and it’s about a serial killer. If you get Showtime, give it a chance. I’ve read both books in the Dexter series and they’re good. There are some differences in the book & series so far, as expected.

Grey’s is so good this season. I was worried at first because I thought the season premiere was pretty lackluster, but it’s picked up. If you're not watching it, you're missing out!

Ugly Betty & Weeds are just fun shows to watch.

My step-brother was taking about Sleeper Cell on Showtime. I never watched it, but might check it out. The second season is about to air next month and they have the first season on demand. So, theoretically, I could get caught up pretty quickly. We’ll see.

I’ve noticed a lot of transgender talk today on the Atlanta radio stations. All My Children (which I know nothing about, btw) is introducing daytime’s first transgendered character; I’m interested to see how people react. During season 1 & 2 of Nip/Tuck there were two transgendered characters Sophia, who you loved, and Ava Moore, who you loved to hate because she was such an antagonist. I know there have also been several movies on the subject (i.e. Boys Don’t Cry & TransAmerica). As an aside, if you haven’t seen TransAmerica, check it out. It’s really good, and while it may look depressing, it’s actually very funny.

I’m trying to get planned out for Christmas. I’ve not done any shopping at all. I know what I’m getting my nephew (he’s the only easy one to buy for), other than that . . . no idea! I also have to get on the ball and go baby book shopping since there is a new baby in my law school family! I have a list, so hopefully I can do that this week.

Out of town . . . again

I drove up to Tennessee this weekend for Thanksgiving. As usual, there's always way too much food. It's always nice to see everyone too.

I spent nearly 4 hours on Friday trying to get my Mom's new laptop set up. Evidently, there were issues with the laptop and the network key! I spent lots of time on the phone with BellSouth and then with Dell. It took forever!

Yesterday, I was able to go to the Tennessee v. Kentucky football game. We had a really fun time. Tennessee won, which made it even better. We spent the first half in the shade, freezing & then moved to the other side of the stadium during the second half to sit in the sun.

Today is a day to wash clothes, restock my kitchen and straighten up a bit.

More soon!

A breeze . . .

I breezed through the rest of Ultra Marathon Man by Dean Karnazes. Seriously, he is unbelievable. I can't imagine going through the endurance challenges that he's completed. No way, not for me. I love reading and watching about that sort of thing, however, I really question the ability of my body to endure something like that. The elite athletes who compete is these type of events amaze me. My first challenge is the ING Half-Marathon in March. I've also become very intrigued with trail running. However, before I can really get into that, I need to find a running buddy.

Last night's party was a lot of fun. It was so nice to see everyone so relaxed after the levels of extreme nervousness prior to the bar exam. We visited, ate great food, danced, and even tried out my super old bottle of tequila. We tried to catch some of the meteor shower last night, but we were too close to the city. It was a great time.

Frisbee & Tequila . . .

As usual, it's been a busy week. The weather here has finally taken a course for cold! I love cold weather, basically because I like bundling up. However, I am learning to dislike it at 6:00 a.m.! This week it's been in the 30s nearly every morning. I do not enjoy working out with watery eyes and the inability to breath because of cold, cold weather.

Friday's workout was so much fun! We played Frisbee! How did we manage to get a good workout playing Frisbee, you ask? Well, we took turns throwing the Frisbee as far as we could (my throw was very weak), as soon as the throw was made we sprinted to its landing spot. Once there, we were on the ground doing some form of ab exercise. It was so much fun, it almost didn't feel like a workout! The latter half of the workout gave us the chance to decide what we did. We took turns leading short runs (i.e. 100-200 yards) across the campus and then took turns deciding what exercise we would do between the runs. It was a fun day. I had been in a funk all week and was not feeling very motivated. However, yesterday brought me back up.

Today I have to get in a 5 mile run and then tonight I'm off to a party celebrating my classmates and I! I'm very excited to see everyone and I know it's going to be a blast. I have a bottle of Don Julio tequila that I've had for 8 years. I've been saving it for a special occasion. One of my study partners and I love tequila. So, tonight I'm opening the bottle. I mean, if passing the bar isn't a special occasion I don't know what is!

I'm here . . .

I'm here! I've just been really busy and worn out the last few days.

I was out of town this weekend in Helen, Georgia. The mountains were nice and the weather was perfect!

My left knee had really been bothering me last week after my tumble in the woods. Thankfully, it's feeling better after the weekend. It felt fine during the workout this morning. Speaking of this morning, it was so cold! It was 35 when we started, but the temperature dropped close to freezing. When I left my apartment, there was no frost. However, when I came back a little over an hour later, there was frost on cars all over the apartment complex. It was so cold that I had a horrible time breathing and was fairly light-headed when we finished up and moved into our static stretch.

I have several meetings at work this week, all via video or telephonic conference. So, it's going to be another busy week. I really look forward to relaxing this weekend. Saturday I'm going to a huge party for my law school class. We're celebrating our bar passage and I'm very excited to see everyone!

Firsts . . .

It's been a busy past few days.

On Friday morning, I was officially sworn in as an attorney. It was a short ceremony, but a neat experience. I only have one more thing to do before I can officially practice.

Also, on Friday, I had my bootcamp post-test for this session. I improved! My timed run went from 10:07 to 9:45, and my timed push-ups went from 22 to 40! I was very proud of myself!

Yesterday, I met a friend for lunch. We had Thai and mine was wonderful! We went to "Top Spice" and I had the Putri special with chicken, shrimp and lots of veggies in brown sauce.

Today, I went along for a group run. Big Peach Running Co. sponsors runs throughout the year and this one was a 4.2 mile trail run. It was a bit intimidating being around so many runners who were, without question, faster and in better shape than I. I had a lot of fun though and aside from a couple of steep hill climbs, ran the entire thing. This was the longest distance I've run! I did fall on the final downhill and scrape my knee up a bit. Evidently, I'm a clumsy runner!

This afternoon I'm going to relax for a bit. I missed Grey's Anatomy on Thursday and forgot to Tivo it. So, I'm going to try to catch it on the ABC website. I'm also meeting a friend for lunch late this afternoon.

I start the final bootcamp session for the year tomorrow. My goal tomorrow is to get my time between 9:00 and 9:30!