Sunday Six: Week 32

This week I have a New Six all taken late yesterday afternoon.

Here I am headed into Atlanta on the way to dinner. It's a little crooked, but hey, I was driving. Notice the new pavement on the downtown connector. This has been the cause of major traffic delays.

A little closer into downtown here, and you can still see the damage from the tornado that came through last year on the Westin. (It's the circular building.) The hotel's shape requires specially crafted windows. Once they're all made the actual replacement will begin.

This is Buck.

This is Sunny.

Don't let their sweet and mellow looks fool you . . . . While they are sweet pups, they're a little overzealous.

They are constantly at each other playing and fighting! They also tend to show out when company is around which means I tend to leave their house covered in scratches, bruises and doggy kisses!

Until next week!


Danudin said...

If only the motorists knew what the Dogs know! Look out Mums got the camera again!