Sunday Six: Week 20

So, this week I have a recap Six, but I had a very difficult time deciding what pictures to post. Mostly this is because I took about 300 photos yesterday. Having lots of photos on hand does not mix well with indecisiveness. As most of my friends know, I'm indecisive. *lol*

So, here we go!

First up we have a sculpture by Henry Moore called "Goslar Warrior". Most of Moore sculptures are bronze, and this one was created in 1973-1974. This sculpture is part of the "Moore in America" exhibition at the Atlanta Botanical Garden.

A nice, pink flower. This was taken just after a fairly heavy rain shower.

Another Moore sculpture, this one is called "Reclining Draped Mother and Baby."

Lily pads floating in the lily pond at the Atlanta Botanical Garden.

Saturday night I found myself at the Braves v. Diamondbacks game. Too bad the Braves lost 12-0. Our starting pitcher, and the bullpen, were throwing horribly! This is the Braves sign which sits in center field.

My weekend ended with a trip to Flip Burger Boutique, a restaurant opened up by former "Top Chef" contestant Richard Blais. These are Nutella and Burnt Marshmallow milkshakes. They were great!

Sort of a mish-mash of photos, but that's okay. At least I finally decided which ones to use! :)


MevetS said...

I like the flower. And I really like the lily pads.

(And I'm happy about the Braves score! Sorry)

Anonymous said...

Great shots here, I especially like the lilly pad shot. The Braves sign is cool too, I hope I get a chance to visit that park someday.