Sunday Six: Week 22

This week's Sunday Six is a Recap Six, and not a very exciting one at that. Yesterday, I spent a couple of hours at an Atlanta airshow. There were lots of airplanes on display and lots of formation and aerobatic flying.

So, this week's Six is a series of photos showing one of the aerial stunts performed yesterday.







This was a performance by The Alabama Boys, which is actually an air-comedy routine. They have guys instructing the pilot over the PA system. It was pretty neat!

Trio (152 of 365)


A trio of beautiful, dark pink water lilies. I think these are the first dark water lilies I've seen, they're almost red.

Watch (151 of 365)


Watching food creations from my seat at the Chef's Bar inside Flip Burger Boutique.

Selective Focus (150 of 365)


This is another photo I shot just after a heavy rain shower. I was so pleased that I was able to get focus on some of the water droplets, and I love the beautiful purple color of the flower.

Curly (149 of 365)


A portion of Chihuly's beautiful Nepenthes chandelier which was inspired by the carnivorous plant of the same name.

I'm a Winner . . .

Would you believe, after my big rant against the Atlanta Braves, that they may have redeemed themselves in my eyes. (I say may simply because nothing is set in stone.)

After my rant about the inability to purchase individual games tickets to the Braves/Sox series here in Atlanta, I begrudgingly registered with the Braves ticket office for the chance to purchase tickets for the series. Today, I received an email telling me that I'd been selected!

Come Friday morning, I will have all the passwords necessary to purchase tickets for the Braves/Red Sox series and the Braves/Skankees series! Although, I'll probably only dish out for the Red Sox tickets.

Needless to say, the Braves have moved closer to redemption in my eyes, even if it's only minimally -- not that they really care.

Living The Green Life (148 of 365)


This little guy is completely surrounded by beautiful, green gardens. It's certainly not a bad place to call home!

How About This Weather (147 of 365)


A perfect night for baseball, weather-wise at least. Clear skies, mid-60s temperature, and no bugs!

Smooth (146 of 365)


I love lily ponds. I enjoy the delicateness of the lily pads and the flowers that grow within the ponds. I also love how glassy and smooth the water tends to be. They're so pretty!

Sunday Six: Week 21

This week I have a Recap Six from a quick trip I took to Indian Shores, Fl. It was pretty rainy the few days we were there, but there were short spurts of time without rain that allowed me to get outside and take some pictures.

This is me playing during a rain shower. We were sitting on the balcony watching it rain. These are water drops on a bottle of water.

A pelican gliding above the water. Aren't they graceful?

This guy was great! I think it is a great blue heron. Every morning he was walking along the shoreline trying to find fishermen. Once he found them, he would guard their buckets!

This guy wasn't as friendly as the blue heron above. Instead of staying on the beach when we passed by during a walk, he quickly flew up on the pier.

There were tons of pretty shells and rocks all along the beach. The storms seemed to bring more shells, sponges, and rocks than usual.

This was a typical sky during our trip. Cloudy, cloudy, cloudy. Although, we'd see little glimpses of the sun. I really liked how the sea is so gray, except for the small bright spots where the sun is shining through.

Food Glorious Food! (145 of 365)


My burger selection from Flip Burger Boutique. It's called the rBQ and features a burger topped with beef brisket, smoked mayo, and slaw. It was yummy.

Doors (144 of 365)

Not the greatest photo, but these doors are enormous! They're one of several sets of doors to the new visitors center at the Atlanta Botanical Garden.

Environmental Portrait (143 of 365)


A fun shot of a bullfrog enjoying his lily pond home after a rain shower.

Favorite Things (142 of 365)


My choices for selecting this photo to represent "favorite things" is two fold. First, flowers are quickly becoming one of my favorite things to shoot. It's getting a bit ridiculous, actually. Second, I think this is a result of one of my other favorite things, my Nikkor 60mm micro lens.

My 60 mm takes such beautiful macro shots. It focuses in on the tiniest bits of a subject. It also creates some really pretty bokeh.

Sign Sign Everywhere A Sign (141 of 365)


Waffle House is headquartered here in Georgia and there are hundreds of locations throughout the state. Needless to say, we see these signs everywhere!

Legs (140 of 365)


As soon as I saw these gams I knew what theme they'd be used for. I had no trouble at all with this one!

Red (139 of 365)


My friend and I took lots of pictures of this staged mannequin. She's wearing a very cool wig and has some bright red, glittery lips!

Sunday Six: Week 20

So, this week I have a recap Six, but I had a very difficult time deciding what pictures to post. Mostly this is because I took about 300 photos yesterday. Having lots of photos on hand does not mix well with indecisiveness. As most of my friends know, I'm indecisive. *lol*

So, here we go!

First up we have a sculpture by Henry Moore called "Goslar Warrior". Most of Moore sculptures are bronze, and this one was created in 1973-1974. This sculpture is part of the "Moore in America" exhibition at the Atlanta Botanical Garden.

A nice, pink flower. This was taken just after a fairly heavy rain shower.

Another Moore sculpture, this one is called "Reclining Draped Mother and Baby."

Lily pads floating in the lily pond at the Atlanta Botanical Garden.

Saturday night I found myself at the Braves v. Diamondbacks game. Too bad the Braves lost 12-0. Our starting pitcher, and the bullpen, were throwing horribly! This is the Braves sign which sits in center field.

My weekend ended with a trip to Flip Burger Boutique, a restaurant opened up by former "Top Chef" contestant Richard Blais. These are Nutella and Burnt Marshmallow milkshakes. They were great!

Sort of a mish-mash of photos, but that's okay. At least I finally decided which ones to use! :)

Two (138 of 365)


Two sewing mannequins displayed inside Paris on Ponce. I love that they're displayed so high since it allows you to see the exposed beam work.

Antique (137 of 365)


The inside of an antique piano for sale at Paris on Ponce.

Shopping (136 of 365)


This is one of several photos to come from my adventure to Paris on Ponce Sunday afternoon. Paris on Ponce is a very neat antique store. Although the main purpose of going was to find a fun inside spot to take photos, I was also keeping my eyes peeled for anything I might want for my new place.

This photo is of a very tall glass chandelier. I kid you not, this chandelier had to be 6-8 feet tall!

Angel or Devils (135 of 365)


This angel is carved on a Roman burial piece.

Road/Street (134 of 365)


This large puddle of water was in my path as I was walking around Emory University. I really liked the colorful reflection of the trees and the sky.

And, a wider shot, to give you a better idea of the surroundings.

Windows (133 of 365)


A fun window in the Michael C. Carlos Museum at Emory University. These round windows are spaced throughout the gallery.

Navigational Aids (132 of 365)


This one is a bit blurry, but it was actually the only shot of the floors I was able to get without someone walking into the shot, and I really liked it for the theme.
This map is carved into the hardwood floors in the Michael C. Carlos Museum.

Sunday Six: Week 19

This week I have a Recap Six. Although I took a few pictures throughout the week, I'm only using one for my Sunday Six this week. The remaining five are from today.

Friday night I met up with some family who were in town for a few days. We ended up at a little tapas bar called Blue Grotto. This is our seating area. We had this neat little corner, curtained off from the rest of the restaurant.

Today, I went photo exploring with a friend. We ended up at a funky antique store called Paris on Ponce. They have many, many fun things to take pictures of.

We both had fun taking photos of this mannequin.




Until next week ...

Past Its Prime (131 of 365)

I'm not sure what type of flower this is, but its center has lost all of its petals.

Broken (130 of 365)


This is the sarcophagus of Asetirdis which is on display at the Michael C. Carlos Museum at Emory University. Notice its broken nose?

Haphazard (129 of 365)


I found this pretty flower in the gardens at Callanwolde. I thought the randomness of its petals, and the different textures of them, fit this theme pretty well.

Aged (128 of 365)


A carved Roman relief on display at the Michael C. Carlos Museum. I really like the delicate flower in the relief.