(12 of 12) 2.0 - February

It's time for 12 of 12 again. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to post everything yesterday, so I'm a day late! See Chad's blog for the rules.

7:30 a.m.: Out the door for work, but I stop to pick up my morning AJC. Lots of Grammy coverage.

11:00 -ish: While getting some mail out I sliced myself with a manila envelope. This is the resulting paper cut, which bled and bled!

12:30: Lunch, working today's crossword puzzle. Not bad for a first go through!

4:40: Sitting in the car munching on carrots & dip while doing my good deed for the day. A co-worker was in a car accident about a half mile from our office. So, I waited until the officers finished up their accident investigation so I could drive her home.

5:05: Finished!

6:00: My apartment complex is undergoing renovations. This welcome sign is usually hanging on one of the walls outside my building. The workers put it on my door for me instead of trashing it.

6:15: After getting home from work, I changed into running clothes and went for a run. It was 63 degrees yesterday afternoon and beautiful!

7:30: While dinner is cooking I work on my home improvement project. Ha! I have one of the magnetic spice racks and one jar as come apart from its magnet. Super glue to the rescue!

8:15: Washing up some strawberries to slice for dessert.

8:25: Dessert! A skinny cow ice cream sandwich, strawberries, and a little chocolate syrup.

9:00: Time for Heroes.

10:22: It's early to bed for me because I must be up super early for work!

BONUS PIC: This month's bonus picture is based on the word "love." I'm prefacing my picture with a warning because it's a Mother's Day gift for my Mom. So, anyone looking at the picture is forbidden from telling her what the gift is! About the gift. . . my grandfather fought during WWII. This is a garden sculpture made of an authentic WWII helmet. The remaining parts of the turtle are created from old car parts. I love it and I'm pretty sure my Mom will, too!


I am alive . . .

Just a quick post to say I'm alive. It's just been a super busy week.

Running the Chattahoochee Challenge 10K tomorrow morning, in 25 degree weather no less! *shiver*

I'll do my best to give an update sometime this weekend.