Sunday Six: Week 28

I have another Recap Six this week, but nothing too exciting. Here they are in order by when they were taken.

Last Sunday night my aunt and cousin stayed with me. We went out to dinner and walked along the Roswell Square afterward. This piece of art sits outside an artists market, just down from the main square. He's a cute little baseball player, isn't he?

On down Canton St. from the artists market we stopped to wait while my cousin ran up to a store window to check the hours for the next day. I snapped this quick photo of the streetlight.

I had more family in town this weekend, 5 more members to be exact. This morning we met for breakfast. On my walk to the restaurant I spotted this piece of art. It's a peacock, I think.

I also spotted this pretty, tin flower outside the Red Door Playhouse.

Friday night we headed to Ikea to do a bit of shopping. I finally found a duvet cover that I liked for my extra bedroom. I wanted something colorful and with a bit of orange. I took a photo of it tonight after it came out of the dryer and was stuffed with my down comforter.

Finally, I needed some background noise while I worked getting things settled tonight. It had to be something that wouldn't distract me. I chose the Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Rings.

Until next week, when hopefully I'll have more exciting pictures!


Iona said...

Like them all. Yet my favorites are the whimsical peacock and the down comforter duvet. I love my down comforter. I like to snuggle under it on a cold winter night. Well, that's not entirely true. I love to snuggle under it anytime!! lol Nice shots.