Sunday Six: Week 36 (Dragon*Con Edition)

Today's Sunday Six is going to be a Sunday Nine, simply because I have extra pictures and I don't want to pick between them! This weekend thousands of folks are visiting Atlanta for Dragon*Con 2009. Dragon*Con is billed as North America's largest Science Fiction/Fantasy convention. Two of this year's biggest speakers were William Shatner and Leonard Nimoy (a.k.a. Captain Kirk and Dr. Spock). In addition to the convention there is a huge parade with tons and tons of fun costumes. For example . . .

The Mad Hatter from Alice in Wonderland was there.

The Blues Brothers danced their way down Peachtree Street, too!

Captain Jack Sparrow from "Pirates of the Carribean" was present via pirate ship.

This guy was there, too! Although, I have no idea what character he is. If you know, please speak up in the comments! I'm sure I'll feel like a dummy when I find out who this is.

Almost always present at an Atlanta parade is the Seed and Feed Marching Abominable Band. They are so wacky! They're always lots of fun to watch!

Finally, as you would expect with any Science Fiction/Fantasy themed parade there were a lot of Star Wars characters present.

Darth Vader was there along with his security forces. Dark Helmet and the SpaceBalls crew were also there. Sadly, I didn't snap the shutter quick enough to get their costumes!

Stormtroopers were everywhere! Y'all, I kid you not when I say there was an Indianapolis Colts Stormtrooper! Who knew they liked football?!

This was probably my favorite of the Star Wars costumes, simply because I'd never seen someone dressed up as Chewy.

And, finally . . . does anyone recognize this guy? Two of the guys behind me were positive this was George Lucas. I think it's just a close likeness. If George had really been there, surely that would've made headlines around here!

Until next week, which will certainly have far less wackiness!


Chesney said...

Wish we had something like that here! I have a hubby and kids who are total Trekies and Star War fans. How fun! We did get to got to the Star Trek Bar in Vegas and get served by Warf and the gang! LOL
These are great fun!

Anonymous said...

I don't know who anyone is but these are wonderful shots, I especially love the clown with all the shooters in the backgrond aiming away..

Anonymous said...

What fun you must have had to watch all this zany stuff. Great captures, one and all! Nice. I kept thinking that they must have all been dying in those hot costumes - heavy stuff even with gloves. Everyone about them are in shorts and tank tops. :D

Anonymous said...

Looks like it was fun! You did a wonderful job capturing all of these characters.

MevetS said...

Looks like great fun.

I'm thinking the Thing from the Fantastic Four.

Anonymous said...

What a fun collection of shots!