Sunday Six: Week 35

This week is a Recap Six from the weekend.

Yesterday I went shopping with some family members who came into Atlanta. We stopped at Ikea first. I am trying to plan out an area to hang a group of my photos in my new place and I really like this arrangement of frames.

After Ikea and a few other stores we headed out of Midtown and to the Perimeter Mall area. This is a drive-by shot of Atlantic Station.

One of the things I had to do today was hit the grocery store. I picked up these strawberries and blueberries which will be perfect for my breakfast!

I also bought a little seedless watermelon in order to try a new recipe I found.

Neither Whole Foods or Kroger had popsicle sticks, so I was stuck buying these sparkly cocktail stirs for my watermelon cubes.

The final product. Watermelon cubes. They're pretty yummy. Although, I think next time I'll add a little more sugar and a little less mint and lemon zest.

Until next week . . .


klsbear said...

I'm way behind on my blog visits and I can see I've missed a lot on yours. The floating lily on that still water is just stunning. I love how you focused on the word "Everest" in the book - such a great use of selective focus to illustrate. And those light trails are just incredible - I'm inspired to give that technique a try sometime. Your blog is always full of creative inspiration and a joy to visit.

Chesney said...

I love your frame arrangement - now I want to see a pic of your work in the frames! Your watermelon cubes look awesome! Hope you are saving some for us! :)

tterlyn said...

I Like the fruit, the colorful stirs are my favorite and that watermellon on the stick looks very good, also apealling to the eye.