Sunday Six: Week 42

Another Recap Six this week, all from over the weekend.

Saturday afternoon was the annual Little Five Points Halloween Fest. The festival includes a big parade with lots of people dressed up. It's not just the paraders who are in costume, a lot of people in the crowd are too. This is a shot of one area of the crowd. It was like this a majority of the parade route. There were people everywhere!

One of the local haunted houses and their parade float.

I ended up walking along with some friends on their float. We had a mix of costumes. Here's a cowboy and Alex from "A Clockwork Orange." We also had a pirate, two more as different versions of Alex, and President Ronald Reagan.

Also at the parade was this guy dressed up as Snow White. If you've never been to Little Five Points in Atlanta . . . it's a very unique place.

Last night Allison and I went to the Falcons/Bears game. It was lots of fun!

The Falcons play in a dome. This is part of a support column. I thought the angles were interesting.

Until next week . . .


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