Sunday Six: Week 9

This week is a recap six, although, all but one photo was taken this afternoon.

Not the greatest picture, but it's fun. This friendly pup was all about the Starbucks drive-thru.

This Chinese Maple tree sits just off my patio. It's beautiful in the spring!

Can you believe this? A snowy afternoon in Metro Atlanta?! This is about as bad as the streets became, so it was drivable. Now, it's all turned to rain.

I took a quick detour through Oakland Cemetery to snap a few snow-covered pictures. This was taken about 2 hours after the previous photo, so you can see the snow melted pretty quickly.

This was taken from the driver's seat of my xTerra, which explains the large blue area at the top! ;) This is the gold dome of the Georgia Capitol.

Again, not the greatest picture. The snowflakes are the sharpest things about it.


Debbie said...

We are getting this snow and freezing rain storm tonight. I like the dog at Starbucks. Will he get a free treat? Tim Hortons gives dogs at drive through "timbits".Great images!

Linda said...

I love this shot. The colors and the compostion are right on.

EstherF said...

The last photo with the snowflakes actually looks like 3-D! An interesting round-up of photos.

Allison said...

THIS IS NOT RIGHT. What is wrong with the world? I was in Atlanta all weekend and all we got was flipping rain. Five minutes after I leave, you get snow? Evil! LOL.

Chesney said...

All of these shots are great, but my favorite is the "Starbuck's dog" - this is priceless.

Iona said...

Have to agree with the others. My favorite is the dog at Starbucks! Great shot. Then the one of the tree branches is excellent as well - as they all are.

jo said...

The dog at Starbucks is definitely a chuckle!

Dogeared said...

I really like the Capitol photo, even with the window tint lol (which is lovely!). And I love the snowy street - but what is up with the world that Atlanta's getting snow?!? I know NYC and Boston got hit with a snow storm (I have guys flying in from there), but Atlanta?!?!

Hee - doggie drive through!

Carraol said...

Great and funny picture of this curious dog. The snowy image in blue are really beautiful, hard to see in this latitudes.

klsbear said...

I love the puppy shot - I guess he's really in need of a latte... very cute!