Sunday Six: Week 5

This week is a "New Six" all taken this afternoon at the Atlanta Botanical Garden. It was a beautiful day today and the garden is getting ready for the Annual Orchid Exhibition which begins February 7th. Today was a good day to walk around and take photos because it was significantly less crowded than it will be over the next few weeks.

First up is a prickly pear cactus.

I have no clue what type of flower this is. It was actually in a multi-flower container with pansies and a few other hearty flowers.

The garden has frogs like this one hidden all around. Some are sitting on benches or rocks, or inside ponds. They're all really cute.

One of the many beautiful orchids on display at the Atlanta Botanical Garden.


This statue is located in the shade garden in what's called the "Frog Baby Pool." No baby frogs in there today!

Rounding things up today is another orchid. There were so many orchids on display, all bright, delicate, and beautiful. I think the two orchids in this post are one of the numerous Phalaenopsis (moth orchids), but I'm not positive.


Danudin said...

Love the colour of the flowers but I identify with Kermit, 20 years of Army life taught me "It's not Easy being Green"

Chesney said...

What wonderful images, love all the spring colors! Don't you just love the gardens??

MevetS said...

I quite like the flower close ups. And I'm jealous of the nice weather.

Dogeared said...

I think the first orchid one is my favourite, but they're all good! I do keep checking this Blog and your ATL one, but only on my lunch break when I don't always have time to stop and comment - I promise I'll get more organised though! (plus the headers andBlog don't show properly in my IE 6 on my work PC).