Sunday Six: Week 21

This week I have a Recap Six from a quick trip I took to Indian Shores, Fl. It was pretty rainy the few days we were there, but there were short spurts of time without rain that allowed me to get outside and take some pictures.

This is me playing during a rain shower. We were sitting on the balcony watching it rain. These are water drops on a bottle of water.

A pelican gliding above the water. Aren't they graceful?

This guy was great! I think it is a great blue heron. Every morning he was walking along the shoreline trying to find fishermen. Once he found them, he would guard their buckets!

This guy wasn't as friendly as the blue heron above. Instead of staying on the beach when we passed by during a walk, he quickly flew up on the pier.

There were tons of pretty shells and rocks all along the beach. The storms seemed to bring more shells, sponges, and rocks than usual.

This was a typical sky during our trip. Cloudy, cloudy, cloudy. Although, we'd see little glimpses of the sun. I really liked how the sea is so gray, except for the small bright spots where the sun is shining through.


MevetS said...

Cool drops image. And yep, it's a great blue heron. I've never seen a guard heron before though.

Nice set.

Chesney said...

What a great recap - love those blue herons, what a neat looking bird!

Linda said...

It looks like a fantastic week of shots. I love the beach shot. The exposure is perfect.

tkra said...

Love the raindrops picture! It's always so much fun to look in and see what pictures you've taken recently. You take such a creative angle on every day things -- and wonderfulness happens!