Sunday Six: Week 1


I had a visitor over New Year's. Not only did she bring yummy pastries and a cupcake, but she also brought me a box of Jer's Bars. They're really good! Peanut butter and caramel covered in chocolate. What could go wrong with that?


When I opened my blinds this morning I saw these little berries outside my bedroom window. It rained overnight and they still had little drops of water on them. It's not perfectly in focus, but I was using my macro lens and I haven't quite worked out its focus areas yet.


This is my attempt to recreate a similar photo I saw online yesterday. I've always thought water shots like this were really neat.


This is where we had dinner New Year's Eve - Craft. It was so yummy. Allison ordered squash and sage tortelloni's that were amazing! We both had fish as a main course (swordfish and striped bass) and shared roasted fingerling potatoes and sunchokes. For dessert, oh my goodness, dessert - Brown Sugar-Crème Fraîche Cake with Ruby Red Grapefruit & Brown Sugar Ice Cream and Valrhona Chocolate Cake with Almond Toffee & Malt Ice Cream. Seriously, the chocolate cake is without a doubt THE greatest chocolate cake I have ever eaten.


Another souvenir from dinner at Craft - a bag of granola.


Every time I've been in New York I've seen people walking around with these styrofoam coffee cups. I've seen them in tv shows and movies quite a bit, too. This one is actually ceramic and I love it!


Dogeared said...

Awesome, thank you for doing this!

I love the berries shot especially - the red on white is beautiful! Enjoy the macro lens, I'm jealous!

mljrbg said...

Great photos. Yummy looking!!

Anonymous said...

Every one of these is super but I really love the matches. That is a stunning shot1

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh, that chocolate and caramel, I'd be in heaven. Now I'm going to be looking for chocolate for the rest of the day!

BobbieCoughlin said...

I love the berries. the water drops make the picture extraordinary.

caryn said...

your pictures are amazing, I didn't realize I would be up against such talent in the sunday six, I'll have to bring my A game next week!

Allison said...

Okay, I just bought another one of those candy bars -- I never had them before, they were just in the basket next to the credit card machine at the Fresh Market (they ALWAYS get me!). They are sooooo yummy!