Sunday Six: Week 11

This week is a Recap Six with pictures taken yesterday and today.

Up first we have an out of work Klingon marching in the St. Patrick's Day Parade.

And, while he's out of work . . . he's evidently harmless.

I want. That is all.

Okay, that's not all. How cute is that pup?! *sigh* If I only had a yard!

Another from the St. Patrick's Day Parade, this time it's a picture of a tuba.

This afternoon I headed over to the Emory University area to explore Lullwater Park. I'd heard it was a pretty place, and it is. This photo turned out to be underexposed, but I like it. Lullwater, although within Atlanta, is a really secluded park. I think the picture gives off an eerie vibe.

This one I love! I played a little bit with my 60mm lens today, mostly with these little pink buds. Some turned out awful, but this one turned out so nice. I was very pleased to have gotten a nice focus area without a tripod. I was trying so hard to get that large drop of water!

I'll have a few more pictures from the parade and Lullwater posted soon. They'll be in future 365 posts.


Anonymous said...

Really like the Klingon! lol Nice that he does have morals too.

Also like the huge drop of water with the buds. I thought the drop of water was the bottom of a clear vase holding the buds. Nice photos. They tell good stories.

MevetS said...

Harmless only if you give him food.

Did you?

Chesney said...

Boy your week went from beautiful to WEIRD!! Only you could find an out of work Klingon - my husband would worship you LOL!

Dogeared said...

I really like the last photo, with the pink flower, it's fab :-)