Favorite Things (142 of 365)


My choices for selecting this photo to represent "favorite things" is two fold. First, flowers are quickly becoming one of my favorite things to shoot. It's getting a bit ridiculous, actually. Second, I think this is a result of one of my other favorite things, my Nikkor 60mm micro lens.

My 60 mm takes such beautiful macro shots. It focuses in on the tiniest bits of a subject. It also creates some really pretty bokeh.


Chesney said...

Flowers are my favorites too, I always love the vivid colors, which you managed to capture perfectly in this! Wow!

KimR. said...

The detail in this shot is amazing, just gorgeous!

klsbear said...

That's a fantastic shot! I'm craving a macro so I can go after some shots like this.

365photosin2009 said...

It's a gorgeous flower macro, Kerri! I can see why you have developed an obsession!