Warnings (224 of 365)


Warning signs posted at the Garden of the Gods. I'm so glad none of the rocks took a tumble when we were there.

Sunday Six: Week 35

This week is a Recap Six from the weekend.

Yesterday I went shopping with some family members who came into Atlanta. We stopped at Ikea first. I am trying to plan out an area to hang a group of my photos in my new place and I really like this arrangement of frames.

After Ikea and a few other stores we headed out of Midtown and to the Perimeter Mall area. This is a drive-by shot of Atlantic Station.

One of the things I had to do today was hit the grocery store. I picked up these strawberries and blueberries which will be perfect for my breakfast!

I also bought a little seedless watermelon in order to try a new recipe I found.

Neither Whole Foods or Kroger had popsicle sticks, so I was stuck buying these sparkly cocktail stirs for my watermelon cubes.

The final product. Watermelon cubes. They're pretty yummy. Although, I think next time I'll add a little more sugar and a little less mint and lemon zest.

Until next week . . .

Travels (223 of 365)


I snapped this shot as I flew over Georgia on my way to Denver. We were just outside of Atlanta. We flew through some beautiful clouds, and lots of turbulence!

Portrait (222 of 365)


This photo turned out to be one of my favorites from my Colorado trip. As the train we were riding arrived at the summit of Pikes Peak we passed this climber. He was practically posing just for me! Ha!

Out West (221 of 365)


Another photo of the beautiful rock formations in the Garden of the Gods. I cannot get over how gorgeous this place was!

National Pride (220 of 365)

This is one of the many beautiful views from the summit of Pikes Peak. It's the easternmost 14,000 foot peak in the U.S. and was the inspiration for "America the Beautiful." After riding a carriage to the summit of the mountain, Katharine Lee Bates was inspired by the view and wrote the lyrics to the song in her hotel room.

Partner (220 of 365)

As we were walking through Garden of the Gods we spotting this pair of rock climbers. The guy on top was guiding his partner to his position. She was evidently pretty new to rock climbing, but he was very patient as he called down instructions to her. As we made it back to our car, I looked back to see them both standing near the top of the rock formation.

Barren (219 of 365)


On Saturday morning, we rode the Pikes Peak Cog Railway to the summit of Pikes Peak. As we neared the summit, the trees gave way to the rocky mountaintop. Not quite barren, but close!

Steeple (218 of 365)

We were able to see this church from our hotel balcony in Denver. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to get over to the church to find out which one it is. I thought it looked really pretty in the early morning sunlight.

Sunday Six: Week 34 (Colorado Edition)

This week, I have another Recap Six from my trip to Colorado. I spent a two days in Colorado Springs and two days in Denver.

First up are some pretty sunflowers I spotted on our way out of Manitou Springs.

One of the amazing formations at Garden of the Gods. This place was so neat!

A charred tree trunk we passed on our way to the summit of Pikes Peak.

I'm trying to decide what I think this formation looks like. I haven't quite figured it out yet.

Don't these boulders look like they're about to take a tumble down the mountain?

A view from the summit of Pikes Peak. Standing up there, I was seriously in awe of the folks who climb mountains like this!

Until next week . . .

Vacation & Holidays (217 of 365)

365_Vacation & Holidays[2009]

The view from our pool cabana. Sadly, we were only able to enjoy the cabana for about a half hour before it started pouring rain. The wind was blowing chairs and cushions all along the pool area. We camped out inside the cabana until it slowed to a steady rain and then, headed inside for lunch.

Crossroads (216 of 365)


A South Beach intersection, complete with neon lights and passing cars.

Holes (215 of 365)


Holes in the clouds which let the bright, blue skies come through. It rained off and on Saturday. Thankfully, it let up just enough for us to get into the concert venue without getting drenched!

It's Saturday Morning (214 of 365)

365_It's Saturday Morning[2009]

This is a glass divider within our hotel restaurant. I took this one while we were waiting to be seated for breakfast. I just like the lines of the glass.

Advertisement (213 of 365)


This is a Beck's beer billboard we passed on our drive back to the hotel from South Beach. I like that you can see the Beck's all the way across the photo.

9:00 a.m. (212 of 365)


This is the view from the other side of our balcony overlooking the beach. I took this photo Saturday morning, just after 9:00 a.m. It was rainy and cloudy in both directions, but most of my photos still turned out okay.

Summer Fun (211 of 365)


This past weekend I flew down to South Florida. We had no plans other than relaxation and a Dave Matthews Band show! This is the view from one side of our balcony overlooking downtown Ft. Lauderdale.

Sunday Six: Week 33 (Bright Lights Edition)

This week I have a Recap Six all from my long weekend in Fort Lauderdale.

I played with light trails during some of our drives around South Florida. I tried to pick things with lots of colors and shapes.

The I-95 North sign on our way back from night two of Dave Matthews Band in West Palm Beach. It was a great show!

Fun lights that we passed on our way back from South Beach.

This is a Tex-Mex bar in Ft. Lauderdale.

I have no clue what these lights are. I do, however, love the lines of the building lights!

Okay, so not an abstract photo. This is the Colony Hotel on Ocean Drive in South Beach. (And, yes. I deliberately cut off the full name of the hotel.)

Next week . . . photos from this week's trip! Then, you're back to the basics of in and around Metro Atlanta.

Sunday Six: Week 32

This week I have a New Six all taken late yesterday afternoon.

Here I am headed into Atlanta on the way to dinner. It's a little crooked, but hey, I was driving. Notice the new pavement on the downtown connector. This has been the cause of major traffic delays.

A little closer into downtown here, and you can still see the damage from the tornado that came through last year on the Westin. (It's the circular building.) The hotel's shape requires specially crafted windows. Once they're all made the actual replacement will begin.

This is Buck.

This is Sunny.

Don't let their sweet and mellow looks fool you . . . . While they are sweet pups, they're a little overzealous.

They are constantly at each other playing and fighting! They also tend to show out when company is around which means I tend to leave their house covered in scratches, bruises and doggy kisses!

Until next week!

Sunday Six: Week 31

I have a New Six today, again, all from inside. I snapped all six of these playing with my 60mm lens.

I bought these little green beads the last time I visited Miss Allison. They're actually air fresheners and the scent is green tea. They don't smell so much anymore, but they're still pretty.

An inside shot of the book I'm reading. I made sure to focus in on the subject. ;)

This is the corner of one of my favorite picture frames.

Make-up powder. I accidentally spilled the last bit of my powder. I decided to turn my frustration into a photo op!

This jar holds air freshener. The scent is a mixture of cranberry and sandalwood. I still have yet to figure out how much I like it.

These are the reeds that sit in my diffuser jar! This turned out to be my favorite photo of the day. It was a complete whim, too!

See you next week!