Sunday Six: Week 13

This week is another Recap Six, all taken yesterday.

A friend and I met up for lunch and margaritas and then wandered into a neat vintage furniture store. They had no problem with the two of us wandering around taking pictures. They had a lot of fun stuff, including this old Pink Panther!

They also had these interesting leaves . . .

and nearly naked mannequins! He's a bit noisy, since I had to increase my ISO to get fairly light shot. So, this one has been put through the CS3 noise reduction filter. :)

I saw this yesterday and immediately thought of Allison. So, a little bit of CU in Atlanta. ;)

Finally, a couple of pictures of a loft that I viewed yesterday. It's a super good deal, but it doesn't have quite as much room as I'd like.

It does, however, have 27' ceilings, a very neat red wall, and is one of only three lofts available in my neighborhood.

And, that's my Six for this week! I have some other photos from the vintage furniture expedition that will be showing up in some 365 themes, too.


Dogeared said...

Ooh I like the loft with the stairs leading up - I like mezzanines and split levels, but we don't really get them in British houses. It's one of the reasons I liked my CA friend Cassy's house - garage underneath the house, lounge and patio, up some stairs to a dining area and another little lounge with the kitchen and a toilet, up more stairs to the bedrooms and bathroom.

And I like the vintage store!

Hope the flat/house hunting goes well, I'll enjoy it vicariously :D

Danudin said...

I think that they are magnificent shots for a pair of girls who had a "Lunch of Margarita's" stupendous steadiness of hand, to turn out such beautiful art shots.

Anonymous said...

Looks like it was a fun day - pink panthers and naked "men". A nice variety in your photos. Keeping one's eyes open all the time really pays off.