Sunday Six: Week 12

Another Recap Six for this week. Just like many of my recaps, all but one of the pictures was taken today.

A dandelion. There were about 5 of these growing in my friend's yard. However, when I got in position to take some photos, one of his dogs would come and knock the flower.

A quick snap of the "King" building as I drove downtown today. This tower has a "Queen" building standing beside it. At some point, I'll snap a picture of both of them together.

Another dandelion, but this one is nice and yellow.

The Ferris Wheel at the Atlanta Fair. I really wish the tree hadn't got in my way.

Okay, this is the last dandelion picture. :)

Finally, a photo of the stage at the Cobb Energy Performing Arts Centre. Wednesday night I saw "Monty Python's Spamalot." It was great!


Nan said...

I liked all your pictures, but the detail of the first fuzzy dandelion was my favorite.

Chesney said...

All images are stunning, but my favorites have to be the dandelions! The stage was also very cool - I would love to see that play!!

Danudin said...

Loved the kiddies wishes at the top[, the formidable Blue Castle and the wheel of coloured boxes most of all.

Anonymous said...

Love that ferris wheel!

Lorri said...

The first dandelion photo is amazing. Really beautiful and well done.

Clara said...

This is a great photo. I love the dandelion seeds floating away. Wonderful.

Anonymous said...

All super but the dandelions are just dandy! Especially the top post with the green background.

Linda said...

The dandelions are just beautiful. I am hoping to photograph them soon. All of the photos are fabulous.

mljrbg said...

This series is fabulous. Gorgeous color and detail. The colors on the ferris wheel are unbelievable.

Dogeared said...

Those are some beautiful photos, I love the dandelion ones. I wish we had the bright sunny weather you seem to have (like in the ferris wheel photo), it makes colours so vivid!