Well, the "penis-pumping" judge was convicted yesterday on four counts of indecent exposure.


More later. I have to eat breakfast!

Of sore muscles, hunger pangs, and blisters . . .

Ok, seriously? I'm having a lot of fun with the bootcamp thing. However, I could do without the soreness, the hunger, and my new blisters. Let's take care of the blisters first, shall we? Remember those 110 push-ups from yesterday. Well, they were done in the grass. I realized pretty quickly that I would have grass burns, no big deal. What I didn't realize is that I would have an allergic reaction to the grass! Both my knees have all these little welts and blisters all over them! It looks horrible, and it itches! Needless to say, I'm likely to wear pants every time we work out at the Chattahoochee location.

The soreness I can deal with. It lets me know that I'm working hard. What's frustrating to me is the food portion of the bootcamp. It's not necessarily a diet, just more a healthy eating thing. Aside from cutting out the occasional low-fat ice cream, chocolate, and alcohol, it's pretty much what I've been eating to begin with. We are supposed to eat 6 meals a day, each with protein. The instructors told me yesterday that I wasn't eating enough. So, naturally I increased my protein and calorie intake. Before yesterday, I was being filled up. Now, I'm constantly hungry. I realize that my body is burning through the fuel, but it's frustrating!

Anyway, a few of my friends who aren't in Atlanta, and a couple who are, have asked what exactly is bootcamp? So, I'm going to tell you! It's actually called "Operation Bootcamp" and it's done at different parks around the city. My session meets at two different parks, depending on the day of the week, at 5:45: a.m. (I think they have 6 or 7 different bootcamps going on at once, all at different parks). We work out together Monday through Friday for an hour or so, and have home workouts we can choose from on the weekends. We do a mix of running and drills, it's military style cardio and strength training. The instructors stay on you constantly and make sure that you're working out of your comfort zone, but they're very encouraging too. We have rules. For example, if someone fails to show up for a workout session without previously advising the lead instructor . . . we all do 10 push-ups on their behalf. If somebody is slacking really bad . . . we all do 10 push-ups on their behalf, or keep going until they pick it up. There are about 40 in my group and we're all at different fitness levels. There are superfit, middle of the road (that's me!) and people who've never exercised before. It's a challenge and it's structured, which is what I need to get myself in gear. The park workouts are for 30 days, and you keep a food log which the instructors check over. If there's anything you want to know that I didn't answer, just ask!

Today was tough, I swear it felt like we ran miles and miles (I really think it was only about 2). At the end, my legs felt like lead. I'm excited to see how my body changes over the next month since the training is so rigorous. Not that I'm expecting drastic changes, but noticeable ones. I won't be able to do the August camp because I'll be gone for two weeks, but I'm definitely signing up for September!

I've been on the phone off and on today with my ex-boyfriend's Mom. She's flying into town and he is unable to pick her up at the airport. She called me to see if I would. I love her to death, so of course, I said yes. I don't mind doing it at all, but I kinda worry that his current girlfriend is going to feel weird or resentful. I don't want her to be uncomfortable about her relationship with his Mom. Does that make sense? It's an interesting situation because we were together for several years, his family and I got along wonderfully, and he and I are still good friends. Who knows!

On another note, the "penis-pumping judge" case had closing arguments today. It should go to the jury anytime. I can't wait for the verdict!

110 . . .

Today was day 2 of Bootcamp. I literally felt like lead when we were finished. I have grass burns on my knees from doing push-ups in the grass and mud. It was great! Oh, and those push-ups, there were 110 of them. 110!!! I never in my life would've dreamed I could do that many push-ups. Granted, only the first few were military style, but they were all hard! I've felt the soreness coming on steadily today. It's worse than yesterday. A soak in Epsom salts has helped some. I dread getting out of bed tomorrow morning because I'll be so stiff.

I've been watching the Red Sox v. Mets on TV. It's so nice to see the Sox kicking butt when I'm actually able to watch. It was 8-0 in the 3rd, and currently 10-2 in the 7th. Poor Pedro got popped for some runs. If only the Braves could've beat the Yankees.

Has anyone seen this story?


How crazy is that? And this part of the article:

Dakil defended use of the device after defense attorney Clark Brewster said it was an out-of-date treatment for erectile dysfunction.
"I still use those," Dakil testified.
Brewster paused.
"Not you, personally?" he asked.
"No," Dakil responded as jurors laughed. "I recommend those as a urologist."

Seriously, why would a judge even consider using a penis pump DURING court? For that matter, why would anyone use a penis pump in public period? I don't get it. Honestly, I think any attorney, judge, or a juror would have a hard time maintaining decorum during this trial. I look forward to seeing how it turns out. I'll keep you updated.


I started Bikini Bootcamp this morning. We meet Monday through Friday at 5:45 a.m. That's quite early for me since I love to sleep late. It was tough, but fun! We did lots of running and drills. The worst part was the muddy conditions of the fields due to all the rain. My legs were covered in mud and grass! I've slowly felt the soreness coming on throughout the day. I can't imagine how sore I'll be tomorrow.

I've spent the remainder of my day studying. The bar exam is one month away, so the countdown is on! Today I focused on "Corporations", not the most excited subject. I'm very ready for all of this to be over and done with.

I've also discovered Sudoku -- which, to me at least, is terribly addicting.