Sunday Six: Week 6

This week is a Recap Six, all from yesterday.

My first stop of the day was at Plum Salon for a hair cut. Megan has been cutting my hair since I've lived in Atlanta. I love her. This is a glass plum they have displayed on their reception counter.

Later in the afternoon, I stopped by a friend's house. It was a beautiful day, so we were goofing around with his dogs in the backyard. Said goofy dogs.

Some of you may remember Buck, he who likes to play with tires.

And, we also have Sunny. She's a sweetie. I love her ears!

This is where we had some afternoon tension. This pretty little bird was flying very low to the ground in the backyard. I was snapping a couple of shots while the dogs were upstairs. However, once the bird flew up higher onto the deck, Sunny sniffed him out immediately.

I suppose this is where I should advise that no birds were harmed during any of this. :)

The bird eventually flew over into the grass, and thankfully, the dogs pretty much left it alone. It was eventually scooted out of the yard by a mockingbird guarding its territory.


Dogeared said...

Those are some cute pooches! Looks like a good afternoon of friends, pooches, and sunshine - that's a mighty blue sky!

Chesney said...

I really enjoyed your day - looks like it was relaxing! And what cute dogs!!

Eldon said...

Love the look on Buck's face as he guards his tennis ball!

If I'd gotten the shot of the House Finch in the leaves I'd be feeling quite pleased with myself. He is gorgeous!

Debbie said...

I love the dogs and the really shiny glass plum! great photos!

Anonymous said...

Love the plum, its color and the reflections. Dog photos are nice too. You had a busy day!

You were quick with the shot to get the house finch. There was a male and female that used to visited the awning over the window that is above my computer and sang for me. Last year, they didn't show up. Missed them!

Nan said...

I'd have to agree with Eldon--the look on Buck's face is priceless. Good shots of a beautiful day.