Sunday Six: Week 19

This week I have a Recap Six. Although I took a few pictures throughout the week, I'm only using one for my Sunday Six this week. The remaining five are from today.

Friday night I met up with some family who were in town for a few days. We ended up at a little tapas bar called Blue Grotto. This is our seating area. We had this neat little corner, curtained off from the rest of the restaurant.

Today, I went photo exploring with a friend. We ended up at a funky antique store called Paris on Ponce. They have many, many fun things to take pictures of.

We both had fun taking photos of this mannequin.




Until next week ...


Chesney said...

this little bar looks like a really fun and "quirky" place! Great shots!

TedR said...

I love the first photo, what great moody lighting.

Anonymous said...

I'm way behind on my commenting but I've really enjoyed seeing all the photos you've posted over the past few weeks - lots of super shots!