Sunday Six: Week 4

This week I get to do a recap six because I took pictures this week! Actually, these particular six pictures I took yesterday. I headed into Midtown yesterday and toured of the Fox Theatre. All but one of today's six are from the Fox.

This is part of the interior of the Fox. It's an absolutely beautiful old movie palace that's mostly now used for traveling performance groups. The ceiling is painted to resemble the evening sky over Egypt, complete with twinkling stars (in their constellation patterns) and drifting clouds.

The Fox has several different architecture and design influences. That makes for many different lighting styles. This lamp hangs in the atrium area, just outside the main entrance doors.

I love the tile on the top of the two towers inside the theater. Would you believe that these towers, along with the other elements above the stage, have never been used in a performance? They're built to look like a fixed set, at least I think, but there are only a series of catwalks behind them.

This lamp hangs in the lower lobby area of the theater.

Here, I'm standing at the pit wall looking out over the main orchestra section. We weren't allowed to hop onstage, so this was the closest I could get to a stage view.

Finally, this is the Varsity, home of the World's Largest Drive-in. It's located close to the Georgia Tech campus, although there is also a location in Athens at the University of Georgia. This place stays busy and is an Atlanta institution.


Chesney said...

Wow, there isn't a bad picture in the bunch! These are all gorgeous and nicely executed! Awesome!

Dogeared said...

They look fab - I love the lamps especially :D

Danudin said...

Looks like a real posh place, lucky you photographed it cause they wouldn't let me in, then I would never have seen those tiled top towers (If you like that keep it) thank you a lot.

Christin said...

Beautiful pictures. :lovely: The theater ceiling really makes you think that you're outside. I'd love to see a movie or a performance there someday...

MevetS said...

The colors in these are great. All very nice. No wonder why you wanted to be first!

K said...

@ Chesney -- Thanks!

@ Helen -- Aren't they lovely? I was snapping lamps like a crazy woman!

@ Danudin -- They would let you in. The lighting just makes it look real posh. I was dressed way casual.

@ Christin -- I love the ceiling! I will definitely make sure we see something when/if you're able to visit!

@ Steve -- It wasn't that I wanted to be first! I knew I was going to be out most of yesterday and wanted to get them up. :P