Sunday Six: Week 3

I'm not sure this week's photos are all that great. There is a reason for this.


This was supposed to be the subject of my Sunday Six, at least mostly. I was going to finally make the Chicken Sofrito I'd been planning all week! I worked late most of this week and was too tired to do any major cooking once I got home. I was gone nearly all of Saturday, so that didn't work for cooking either. So, tonight it was, until I pulled my chicken out of the fridge and discovered it wasn't thawed. Boo! So, tomorrow night . . . hopefully?

In the meantime, here are some other fun and not so fun things. :)


Midtown Atlanta, specifically the Bank of America Plaza on the left but I'm not sure about what's on the right. I took this last night on my way to a friends house. It was actually sleeting! For some reason, I like the shakiness of this picture.


This is a cute little bud vase that my Mom gave me as a Christmas gift. She found it in South Carolina at a pottery store.


I have lately become addicted to sparkling water. I have no idea why I'm just now drinking it like crazy. I've had it off and on for years. Besides the sparkling water, this glass is full of lemon-y goodness.

And finally for something a bit different. Play-doh! For some reason, we were playing with it tonight. Here are two of my creations.


A pretty flower.


A bright and funky ladybug!


Dogeared said...

I dunno, it might be my favourite of your Sixes yet - I really like the photos! And I have a few similar night photos of Atlanta, so if I ever get to posting them, I'll have to ask you for help in naming them!

And the vase is really pretty - a lovely shade of blue!

Chesney said...

My favorite is the vase of water - very elegant looking. The play dohs come in a close 2nd - wonderful and creative images!! I enjoyed them!

jo said...

I like the glass of water best -- then the blue vase.

MevetS said...

I like the buildings best. Especially the white one.

Nan said...

I like the buildings too.

helen said...

The blue vase is so elegant, and the play-dohs are just so cute and creative! I love them all =] Thanks for sharing!