Sunday Six: Week 14

This week is another Recap Six, all from yesterday, and all from North Carolina!

A pretty yellow tulip in my uncle's yard.

The main reason for my trip to North Carolina was to see this guy. This is my younger cousin Jon who performed in Spindale, NC, last night. If you're into folk or acoustic guitar you can check out a few of his songs here.

Guitars on the stage at Barley's Taproom.

Another shot of Jon.

A really pretty, pink tulip. Again, this one is from my uncle's yard. I love the bright, punchy color of this one!

Finally, one last photo of Jon from last night. His set consisted of all originals, save for a cover of Springsteen's "Atlantic City." We had a pretty large group there to see him, and had lots of fun!


Iona said...

I like Jon's music. Don't particlaly like all the lyrics, but the music is good. I especially like the Sycamore Tree. Do you know the name of the woman harmonizing with him? Nice photos. Like the pink and the yellow.

Allison said...

Wow, super cool pictures of the flowers! Hope Jon's gig went well for him! Tell him to come out to Augusta!

MevetS said...

Nice set. And best of luck to Jon.