Sunday Six: Week 52

This is the final Sunday Six of 2009! I plan to continue Sunday Six into 2010. This week is a Recap Six from my trip home to Tennessee.

One of the many ornaments on my Mom's Christmas tree. I ended up not getting a shot of her entire tree lit up. She always has a beautiful tree.

A close-up of the Christmas tree at my Dad's house.

Dried oranges sitting out as potpourri.

By now most of you know that I like to snap pictures of puddles. I especially like them on cloudy days when you get nice reflections. Friday morning it was really, really windy. I still ended up liking this shot, ripples and all.


Friday morning was so cloudy. We had such a nice mixture of white, fluffy clouds and dark, storm clouds. The clouds along with the scenery made for some beautiful shots. It's so nice to walk out the front door and take in this view.

See you next week for the first Sunday Six of 2010 . . .


MevetS said...

I like the puddle shot. Very impressionistic.