On The Road (21 of 365)


This is a group of residential and office buildings in Buckhead. I was sitting in traffic longing to see the beautiful sunset that was happening to my right. Unfortunately, because I was driving on Ga-400 there was too much in the way of my view. However, the reflection off the buildings came in a pretty close second.

Historic (20 of 365)


This is the stage of the Fox Theatre. Please ignore the heads of the other folks I was with, along with the super speedy tour guide. ;) There was no way I was getting this shot without a human body part. I tried very hard.

Film (19 of 365)


This is the well-known marquee sign of Atlanta's Fox Theatre. While it only shows films a handful of times each year, the theater was originally an old movie palace. If you ever have a chance to see a film here DO IT, and make sure you sit in the balcony! They show a news reel, cartoon, along with the previews before the start of the film. We saw "Ironman" here during the summer and it was really neat.

Unconscious Mutterings Week 313


I say ... and you think ... ?
  1. Unwanted :: Drama

  2. You’d better :: Behave

  3. Woman :: Awesome

  4. Weighed :: Considered

  5. Upright :: Citizens Brigade

  6. I feel :: Inspired

  7. Ill :: Behavior

  8. It’s like :: Candy

  9. Poor man :: Rich man

  10. Great :: Dane

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Communication (18 of 365)


This emblem is on the glass of the two old public telephone booths in the ladies upper lounge at the Fox Theatre. There are no longer working phones inside the booths, but the emblems have been repainted to match the original design.

Who Put That There? (17 of 365)


Yes, that is a bumper. I spotted it yesterday sitting at a red light on North Avenue, at the very edge of the Georgia Tech University campus. Surely there's a story behind this bumper?

Repeating Pattern (16 of 365)


This pattern appears all the way around the top of the original ticket booth at the Fox Theatre in Midtown.

Spelling Errors (15 of 365)


Chick-fil-A rules at creative marketing. This old water tower is just south of downtown Atlanta, easily visible from the downtown connector. I giggle every single time I drive past it.

Sunday Six: Week 4

This week I get to do a recap six because I took pictures this week! Actually, these particular six pictures I took yesterday. I headed into Midtown yesterday and toured of the Fox Theatre. All but one of today's six are from the Fox.

This is part of the interior of the Fox. It's an absolutely beautiful old movie palace that's mostly now used for traveling performance groups. The ceiling is painted to resemble the evening sky over Egypt, complete with twinkling stars (in their constellation patterns) and drifting clouds.

The Fox has several different architecture and design influences. That makes for many different lighting styles. This lamp hangs in the atrium area, just outside the main entrance doors.

I love the tile on the top of the two towers inside the theater. Would you believe that these towers, along with the other elements above the stage, have never been used in a performance? They're built to look like a fixed set, at least I think, but there are only a series of catwalks behind them.

This lamp hangs in the lower lobby area of the theater.

Here, I'm standing at the pit wall looking out over the main orchestra section. We weren't allowed to hop onstage, so this was the closest I could get to a stage view.

Finally, this is the Varsity, home of the World's Largest Drive-in. It's located close to the Georgia Tech campus, although there is also a location in Athens at the University of Georgia. This place stays busy and is an Atlanta institution.

Pay It Forward/Free Stuff for Freeloaders Meme

First, I love that the title of this meme has the word "freeloaders" in it. It cracks me up!

I snatched this from Helen in order to get one of her beautiful photos! ;) And, since I really only have photos to give, too. I'm going to offer those as well.

The first 5 people who comment here will get one of my photographs. Depends on what I think you will like and my inspirations. (I can't guarantee you'll like it!) The only real rule is that you have to make this offer in your own journal.

I can cook, but meals don't travel well and recipes seem a bit boring. I can sing and play piano, but no one wants me to record myself! *blush* Finally, I really don't want to give legal advice! ;) So! The first 5 people to reply here will receive a photo I've taken. I can do any size, although I'd prefer not to go larger than 8x10 inches. If there happens to be a particular picture you like, you're welcome to let me know! (I'd much rather be told, and know you'll like it!). Otherwise, I'll choose one of my favorites.

Unconscious Mutterings Week 312


I say ... and you think ... ?
  1. Arrival :: Destination

  2. Vomit :: Gross

  3. Fit :: Slim

  4. Stutter :: Step

  5. Lifestream :: Presence

  6. Tread :: Lightly

  7. Desire :: Lust

  8. Freezing :: Cold

  9. Permit :: Driver's

  10. Crinkle :: Paper

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Sunday Six: Week 3

I'm not sure this week's photos are all that great. There is a reason for this.


This was supposed to be the subject of my Sunday Six, at least mostly. I was going to finally make the Chicken Sofrito I'd been planning all week! I worked late most of this week and was too tired to do any major cooking once I got home. I was gone nearly all of Saturday, so that didn't work for cooking either. So, tonight it was, until I pulled my chicken out of the fridge and discovered it wasn't thawed. Boo! So, tomorrow night . . . hopefully?

In the meantime, here are some other fun and not so fun things. :)


Midtown Atlanta, specifically the Bank of America Plaza on the left but I'm not sure about what's on the right. I took this last night on my way to a friends house. It was actually sleeting! For some reason, I like the shakiness of this picture.


This is a cute little bud vase that my Mom gave me as a Christmas gift. She found it in South Carolina at a pottery store.


I have lately become addicted to sparkling water. I have no idea why I'm just now drinking it like crazy. I've had it off and on for years. Besides the sparkling water, this glass is full of lemon-y goodness.

And finally for something a bit different. Play-doh! For some reason, we were playing with it tonight. Here are two of my creations.


A pretty flower.


A bright and funky ladybug!

Coming to Atlanta . . .

This morning's AJC claims the Braves will announce Derek Lowe (a former Red Sock) as one of their new pitchers!

This makes me very happy! While my heart lies with the Sox, I do love the Braves, too. I especially like D-Lowe. He was on the 2004 World Series team, after all. He's also a solid pitcher, which the Braves really need!

Yay for D-Lowe!

Celestial Bodies (14 of 365)


This pretty moon was still up in the sky this morning when I left for work. Figuring this was my only chance to snap a few photos where you could actually see the craters, I stopped the truck and took a few pictures. This one is much better than the blurry white mass I usually get at night! :)

Sunrise, Sunset . . . (13 of 365)


This isn't the greatest picture, but I absolutely love the sky in this one. As I was running errands after work this was the sunset that appeared. Unfortunately, I was too far away from the river to make it before the sun fell completely. I sharpened it up just a bit since it was a little blurry (I was driving!), but the colors are all mother nature.

Baked Goods (12 of 365)


First, I so did not make these. These are two bite brownies that I picked up at the grocery store this week. I was craving brownies, but did not want to actually make them!

What's For Dinner? (11 of 365)


Flip! Flip is the new restaurant of Atlanta's "Top Chef" Richard Blais. It features funky burgers and molecular milkshakes, including a Nutella milkshake! Yum! Allison doesn't know it yet, but the next time she visits we are so eating here.

Metallic (10 of 365)


Copper lighting fixtures on the Millenium Gate at Atlantic Station.

Skeletal (9 of 365)


This funky skeleton statue sits at the entrance to the Lumberyard Lofts in one of Atlanta's industrial areas. The statue is also the sign for Bone Garden Cantina. It's owned by the same folks who run the Vortex (winner of several best burger in Atlanta awards). The food was pretty good, the margaritas were great!

Architectural Details (8 of 365)


Little columns that surround portions of the walkway at the Millenium Gate in Atlantic Station.

Sunday Six: Week 2


A gas lamp in Atlantic Station. It was a pretty gray day.


The purpose of heading down to Atlantic Station was to take some photos of the Millennium Gate.


These copper urns are on each side of the gate. At night, obviously, they're all lit up.


The reflection in the window is of one of Atlantic Station's many loft buildings.


I played a bit with my fish-eye lens. This is the Millenium Gate.


We passed this parking lot last night, but I spotted it too late to snap a photo. Today I drove back by to get a picture. It may be my favorite "No Parking" sign ever.

Groceries (7 of 365)


Plain ol' groceries. Although I do have everything needed for a yummy chicken sofrito. I'll probably have pictures of that later on in the week.

Dangerous (6 of 365)


As I was carrying my groceries in this afternoon I spotted an enormous Pileated Woodpecker. By the time I got back outside with my camera, the bird had flown too far away for me to get a good shot.

I kept hearing a rustle as I was looking for the woodpecker. Finally . . . I heard a hiss! When I looked down I was facing this kitty who was doing his best to scare me away.

Spiral (5 of 365)


I spotted this little guy as I was walking around Atlantic Station today. I picked him up, took him home and snapped his photo.

Millennium (4 of 365)


This is Atlanta's Millennium Gate. Within it is a museum which details Georgia and Atlanta history through interactive technology, film, and exhibitions. There is also a rooftop viewing area.

Unconscious Mutterings Week 310


I say ... and you think ... ?
  1. Confirmation :: Hearing

  2. Verse :: Poem

  3. Authorize :: Okay

  4. Blog :: Photos

  5. Thirty :: One

  6. Heir :: to the throne

  7. What are you doing? :: Playing

  8. Complaint :: Summons

  9. Leave :: Town

  10. Tune :: Up

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Tent (3 of 365)


Today I met up with a friend I'd not seen in far too long. We ate dinner, went for coffee and dessert, and then ended up at Atlantic Station to see a movie. Atlantic Station is also the home of Cirque du Soleil's KOOZA which is currently showing under the Grand Chapiteau you see pictured above.

Sunday Six: Week 1


I had a visitor over New Year's. Not only did she bring yummy pastries and a cupcake, but she also brought me a box of Jer's Bars. They're really good! Peanut butter and caramel covered in chocolate. What could go wrong with that?


When I opened my blinds this morning I saw these little berries outside my bedroom window. It rained overnight and they still had little drops of water on them. It's not perfectly in focus, but I was using my macro lens and I haven't quite worked out its focus areas yet.


This is my attempt to recreate a similar photo I saw online yesterday. I've always thought water shots like this were really neat.


This is where we had dinner New Year's Eve - Craft. It was so yummy. Allison ordered squash and sage tortelloni's that were amazing! We both had fish as a main course (swordfish and striped bass) and shared roasted fingerling potatoes and sunchokes. For dessert, oh my goodness, dessert - Brown Sugar-Crème Fraîche Cake with Ruby Red Grapefruit & Brown Sugar Ice Cream and Valrhona Chocolate Cake with Almond Toffee & Malt Ice Cream. Seriously, the chocolate cake is without a doubt THE greatest chocolate cake I have ever eaten.


Another souvenir from dinner at Craft - a bag of granola.


Every time I've been in New York I've seen people walking around with these styrofoam coffee cups. I've seen them in tv shows and movies quite a bit, too. This one is actually ceramic and I love it!

Beverage of Choice (2 of 365)


I love ginger ale. Specifically, I like Schweppes. You won't find any Canada Dry in this house.

Polka Dot (1 of 365)


This is cute little polka dot blouse I bought a while back.

365 in 2009

So, I find that I am already sort of missing having to hunt for themes. I really enjoyed that aspect of Helen's 366 challenge. For that reason, I'm going to buckle down and go for the 365 in 2009 theme challenge also.

Here are the guidelines for this challenge:

1. Photos are to be taken in 2009
2. Post your own work only
3. Post a photo to match each theme
4. “Make Your Own Theme” up to 52 times during the year
5. Images may be edited or unedited - your choice
6. Keep your images, text, and comments appropriate for all ages
7. Support your fellow participants with comments and feedback
8. Have fun and learn something

We'll see how it goes!

What's Going on With Me . . .

So, I have finished 366! Yay! Yes, I stretched a few themes, and yes, not all of the pictures are great, but on the whole I feel like I did improve my photography and I really had fun doing the challenge.

I plan to take my 366 sidebar down fairly soon and just include a link to the original 366 post where the themes are listed. From that post, I'll have the hyperlinks to each of my 366 photo posts.

I'm trying to decide if I'm going to do any 2009 challenges, and if so, which ones. I'm intrigued by this one: 365 in 2009. There are approximately 35 people who are doing the challenge and some are from 366. Helen has created Sunday Six which I'm sure I'll do throughout the year, but I have weeks here and there where I don't get a chance to take any photos, so I'm not positive that I'll get every week in.

Finally, I'm testing out a new blog of my own. Helen kind of threw me onto this idea when she was visiting. When I researched whether there was an Atlanta Daily Photo site I found there were three. One had zero posts and the other two haven't been undated since early 2007. So, I am going to try out my own and see how it goes. It's a rather large commitment, but I'm going to do my best. You can find my Atlanta Daily Photo blog here!

366 Pictures: #254 End


So, I wanted to end my 366 with one of my favorite pictures. These are jellyfish in the large jellyfish exhibit at the Georgia Aquarium.

Date: February 3, 2008.

366 Pictures: #328 Sandwich


My favorite type of sandwich, a PB&J!!

Date: December 30, 2008.