Sunday Six: Week 37

It's a Recap Six this week! Okay, so there are pictures from inside my loft, but only three!

Tuesday night I headed into town to meet Allison for dinner at Flip. As usual, I was playing while driving through traffic.

This one's blurry, but I didn't have my tripod with me. Taken from the West End looking towards Midtown Atlanta.

This is a full view of Midtown Atlanta's evening skyline, only with lots of squiggles! One of these days I'll be in a spot for some nice skyline photos with my tripod in hand.

Painting was on the agenda for today. This color is called "Starry Sky."

No turning back now!

The finished project! I'm quite pleased with it. Check out my new ladder, too! 8 feet tall! Hey, I'm short, people! I take every opportunity I have to stand tall!

Until next week . . .


Chesney said...

I am loving that paint color - it looks awesome! I hate painting, too bad you don't live closer LOL

Danudin said...

After 20 years in the Army, let me assure you "It isn't Easy being Green". Love the Tammy Vision effect on the third shot.