Rock, Paper, Scissors (226 of 365)


Balanced Rock at the Garden of the Gods. Isn't this neat? It just looks like its about to fall right over!


tterlyn said...

It still hasen't fallen over! I think they put super glue or cement under it. LOL
Nice shot.

Chesney said...

I have a picture of me standing under that rock when I was about 5 yrs old - amazing it is still there! Beautiful capture!

Anonymous said...

(It just looks like its about to fall right over!) And well it might one day. This is awesome! Lovely colors. Great shot with the camera pointed towards the sky. And the sky . . . I think I would have tweaked the photo just enough to bring that sky out a tad bit more. But wouldn't want it competing with this glorious rock. :D

DART said...

Super neat! Cool shot.