Snow or Ice (70 of 365)

I took advantage of the quick snow we had to get this theme. Snow in Atlanta is pretty rare.


365photosin2009 said...

Your image is lovely - I like the soft blue cast.

Allison said...

Like a knife right through my heart.


Chesney said...

Looks freezing there, but a really pretty image! I too love the blue cast!

Bo said...

If you ever want to see a lot of snow, I suggest you move to Wisconsin. :-)

Atlanta sounds warm, and lovely.

MevetS said...

I drove home through this "storm". Pfft!

It was a total non-event! And when I got home the promises of a foot of snow were LIES all LIES! I could see the grass through the snow on my front lawn. I was so disappointed.

Really, I like snow, and we get very little where I live. Apparently I was in the "three inch zone" while all around me there was much more. It was all gone by Saturday.

Nice image. I like the fractal nature of the branches.