Sunday Six: Week 2


A gas lamp in Atlantic Station. It was a pretty gray day.


The purpose of heading down to Atlantic Station was to take some photos of the Millennium Gate.


These copper urns are on each side of the gate. At night, obviously, they're all lit up.


The reflection in the window is of one of Atlantic Station's many loft buildings.


I played a bit with my fish-eye lens. This is the Millenium Gate.


We passed this parking lot last night, but I spotted it too late to snap a photo. Today I drove back by to get a picture. It may be my favorite "No Parking" sign ever.


Dogeared said...

Hee, I like the parking sign!

And no, this week you're second. I think Allison got a bit confused, as she left her link to Sunday Six along with a comment on MY Six photos, together in an entirely different post! (the Archives one) - and no comment on the actual Archive photo.

But I've added her link to the post :D

Joan said...

I think they mean it. :)