Sunday Six: Week 29 (Atlanta Botanical Garden Edition)

All of this week's photos were taken today during a quick morning trip to the Atlanta Botanical Garden. Lots of pretty things to see and the weather was perfect! Unfortunately, everyone else in Atlanta thought it was a good day for the garden, too! Needless to say, since it was so crowded I didn't stay too long.

A water lily surrounded by pretty lilypads.

Close-up of a bright, pink cosmo.

A view of midtown through the art of Henry Moore.

A beautifully colored water lily! I love this one!

A resting dragonfly, with a little bokeh.

And . . . I happened to spot this green spider while I was trying to get a couple of macro shots of another flower. I have no clue what type of spider it is, but I'm glad I wasn't too close!

Hopefully more variety to come next week!


mljrbg said...

Great Sunday Six series. Your photographs are always so colorful and detailed.

Vanessa said...

I always enjoy your images from the Atlanta Botanical Garden. You take such beautiful and creative photographs. I finally got caught up on my Sunday Six.