Sunday Six: Week 8

This week is a Recap Six, all from Saturday - and all animals.

A drippy Canada Goose.

Yang Yang, from Zoo Atlanta. This picture makes Yang look pretty mean. He's actually a very goofy giant panda.

Yang Yang's second born, little Xi Lan. Here, he's wedged himself into a climbing structure for a long nap.

Zoo Atlanta has four baby gorillas: Kali and Kazi (twins), Macy B, and Gunther. I have no clue which of the four is posing for this picture, but it sure is cute!

Snack time at the gorilla enclosure! This little gorilla in the center is doing its best to get some attention by beating its chest.

Finally, from the Reptile House, a Caiman Lizard.


Danudin said...

You'd have to be a GOOSE to PANDA and MONKEY around like that, I GUANNA warn ya only this once - Don't let it happen again

Chesney said...

These are all fabulous shots!! Especially LOVE the pandas - that is one animal we do not have at our zoo that I would love to see! Wonderful!

Linda said...

Great shots. I love the tight crop and the drop of water coming off the beak in the first.

mljrbg said...

Great series!! Beautiful shots.

Debbie said...

Wonderful photos, I love animals!

Allison said...

Awwww, such cute little things!

Anonymous said...

Nice study of the animals. Good shots and colors. Wonderful shot of the baby apes too.

Dogeared said...

Great photos, I love the last one with the tight crop.