Sunday Six: Week 45

This week is a New Six all from Sunday's visit to one of my favorite spots . . . the Atlanta Botanical Garden. At this point, the location shouldn't surprise any of you! ;)

First up is this little garden gnome. He was one of several hiding out in a little rock cave. He just made me smile!

Bright green bamboo.

I loved all the colors surrounding this simple gazebo.

I have no clue what type of plant this is, but I love its softness. It's not quite sharp, but not quite fuzzy either.

Finally, the last two shots are of the same little pink bud. It almost looks like a little ball of yarn the way the petals are curled around each other. I couldn't decide whether I liked the photo of the tip in focus or the one of the entire bud out of focus.



Until next week . . .


Chesney said...

What beautiful finds at the gardens, I would love to visit there! My favorite is the gnome though, I have a soft spot for gnomes LOL I think I live the bloom a bit in focus - but both are gorgeous interpretations!

MevetS said...

The bud shots are very cool. I don't know which I like better either.