Sunday Six: Week 27 (4th of July Edition)

Lots of fireworks photos ahead in this week's Sunday Six! It's a Recap Six, but just barely. Although, I do have two warnings to go along with the fireworks shots. First, some of you may recall that I suffer from the long lamented short-photographer syndrome. Due to this, even with a tripod, you'll notice a few heads in the mix. Please ignore them! Second, there is absolutely nothing I could do about the very large, very ugly construction crane right in the middle of the fireworks display. I suppose those silly contractors refused to take it down! :)

Hope everyone who celebrates had a safe, and happy 4th of July!

Before the fireworks began . . . we had a little refreshment in the form of prickly pear frozen margaritas. Yum!

These shots were taken from a rooftop deck near Centennial Olympic Park.

We had a wonderful view of the downtown fireworks show.


Although I didn't get any shots of other fireworks displays, being in downtown Atlanta, you could see the fireworks from Lenox Mall, Stone Mountain, and some of the other outlying areas of Atlanta.



Until next week . . .


MevetS said...

One of the earliest memories I have is watching fireworks from a rooftop. I was born in Brooklyn and moved out of the city when I was two. It was the top of our apartment building. All I remember are the colors.

I've always liked loud noises and flashes of light in the sky (fireworks, lightning). I wonder if that has anything to do with it?

Very nice shots.

Chesney said...

What a firework show - and what a delicious looking pear margarita!!

Anonymous said...

Your fireworks shots are great - they are so hard to capture well and you succeeded ... crane or no crane!!!