Sunday Six: Week 49

Okay, so I'm late again, but at least it's here! I will preface last week's Sunday Six by saying that this might be my weakest set of the year. I was just not feeling that great last week, and creativity was not flowing. So, that being said, here is last week's Sunday Six.

Over Thanksgiving, my Dad and I sat and went through part of his vinyl collection. I hope to get to look through the rest of it the next time I'm at his house. He tells me there are original Beatles albums. I'm determined to find them, and confiscate them for my own. Here are a few of my albums. My collection is definitely small, but it'll grow.

Part of the artwork on the new Dave Matthew Band album. It has some pretty fun art.

Recently delivered Christmas presents. These are for my Dad and Step-Mom.

Homemade corn and potato chowder. Yum!

One of several books I'm currently reading. It's been a long time since I've been reading just one book.

A shot of my super warm duvet cover. I snapped this just before crawling into my freshly made bed for the night.

This week's Sunday Six will be up later. Only three to go . . .