Sunday Six: Week 16

Although our fearless leader has decided not to continue Sunday Six, I'd like to try and finish up the remaining 36 weeks. Miss Christin is gathering up everyone's links while Helen's away.

This week I have a "New Six" taken during my afternoon at home. I'm happy to have had a relaxing weekend, as I really needed to decompress.

Up first, I tried out a new recipe from Epicurious, Black Bean and Tomato Quinoa.

This is my first time cooking with quinoa. I found it a bit messy, as it likes to stick to every surface!

Also included, the zest of a lime.

Here's the finished product. It tasted fine, but I think it needs a bit more flavor. Although, once the flavors rest together for a bit, it may turn out okay. Next time I think I'll use more lime juice, zest, and some red pepper flakes for heat.

Little, pink seeds from the Chinese Maple tree outside my door.

A shot of the Chinese Maple. The pink seed caught my eye against all that green!

I worked for quite a while to get this shot. It was inspired by this photo I found today on Flickr. First, I tried getting just one grain against the pink. However, that didn't work so well since I have yet to buy a tripod. Next, I tried shaping the sugar into a heart. Then, I tried using a cookie cutter to just outline a heart shape. I didn't like the way any of them turned out. Finally, I just piled up the sugar and started shifting it around. This one I like!


MevetS said...

I like the maple seed triplet. Very nice. And the story of the sugar shot made me laugh. No tripod and trying to shoot one crystal! Hahahaha.

Nice set.

K said...

I know, right? :) I was persistent, nonetheless!

Chesney said...

Great images, but my favorite is the sugar cystals - nice!

Iona said...

I liked them all, but the seed pod triplet, the pod against the green, and the sugar were the best of the lot. Out of those three, the pod against the green win! Nice shot. Good color.

Lorri said...

These are all great! The lime zest is fun...I missed my guess on what that was before I read the caption. The sugar shot is probably my favorite.

mljrbg said...

Great series. Lots of beautiful colors and textures. Your sugar photo is very interesting. Amazing what we can find at home!!

Clara said...

Fabulous pictures. I love the maple seed pod and the sugar crystals.

365photosin2009 said...

These are just beautiful shots! A great variety of interesting subjects...

DART said...

all the photos turned out great...love quinoa and your sugar shot is super!