Sunday Six: Week 7

I suppose this is technically a Recap Six since two of the photos were taken yesterday, but the remaining four are from around the house and were taken today.

Part of my Valentine's Day plans included a late lunch with one of my best friends. She brought along a bag of chocolate as a gift for me! My bag is full of Snickers, Reese's Cups, and Hershey Kisses. What's funny is, I did the same thing for her, except different candies.

This is one of three framed photos I have hanging in my living room. All three are from my trip to Puerto Rico last August.

Last night on my way into Midtown I was caught in Cirque Du Soleil traffic. I pulled out my camera and started playing with night shots. I realize this one is incredibly blurry, however, I love the streaks of light from the cars on the downtown connector.

This one turned out much better! It's a bit blurry since I was sitting in a moving vehicle. That's the 17th Street bridge, which is bright yellow, looking into Midtown.

This is a cute little whistle I bought in San Juan, Puerto Rico. You fill the whistle with some water and it sounds just like a bird! It has a really pretty sound.

This one is for Allison. This is a photo of my violet wig, complete with a sparkly star! I've worn this a handful of times, mostly for costume parties, and it's always been a big hit.


Allison said...

Ooh yay for wigs! Can I have the birdie too? lol.

Dogeared said...

I like the second night photo! Really nice. And heh, how sweet you both brought similar gifts!

Chesney said...

Wonderful pictures -my favorite is the night city lights!

Christin said...

Love the second night picture! And the birdie whistle looks lovely. I'd love to hear how it sounds...

MevetS said...

I like the jittery night shot. I like how the car lines seem discontinuous.

And you need to straighten out the picture on the wall!

Nan said...

I like your second night picture--can't believe it is that clear taken from a moving vehicle. All my night pics from a moving vehicle look like your first night picture.

Linda said...

Puerto Rico looks great in a pic of the pic.

Debbie said...

I love the red, there are candies there! mmmmmmmm

mljrbg said...

Great series. Love the bright colors. Very fancy purple wig!!

K said...

@ Allison -- You can play with it as much as you want when you visit! Deal?

@ Dogeared -- Crazy, isn't it? She and I are very much alike!

@ Chris -- Hmm, I wonder if I could figure out how to record it.

@ Steve -- I like that about it, too! Those car lines made the photo for me!

@ Nan -- To be fair, I was idling on an exit ramp, so just the shake from the ramp and the vehicle.

@ MLJ -- I love my purple wig! :D

Thanks for the thoughts everyone!