Sunday Six: Week 25

Okay, this week I have a Recap Six, and technically, it's probably not a true Sunday Six, because some of these were taken last Sunday. However, I have been completely slammed with the purchase of my loft and was only able to take a couple of pictures this weekend. I don't think anyone will mind since I think I'm the only one left doing Sunday Six at this point. :)

Up first is a shot of the fountain at the Swan House in Atlanta. I have pictures of the actual house coming up in a few days. It's beautiful!

Statues in the backyard garden of the Swan House.

I love how these old statues have such variations in the markings of the stone.

Pretty hydrangea.

A shot of my frosty Stella Artois from dinner last night.

We had dinner last night a pizza place that is housed in what used to be a gas station and body shop. This pump is one of the original pumps that was used by the station when it opened in the early 1950s. Notice how the price is set at $.25/gallon and that the price will only go as far as $9.99!

Okay folks, I'm beat! Hopefully next week I have more interesting shots for you! :)


Chesney said...

I won't hold it against you since these are all great images!!

Danudin said...

Yep top shots,but I suppose now that you've come up in the world (The Loft) you'll look down on the rest of us:-D