Sunday Six: Week 26

This week's Six is the halfway point for the year! Kinda crazy to think that we're already halfway through 2009. This week is a very underwhelming Sunday Six. I had absolutely no opportunity to get out and take pictures this week because I was moving! So, today you get a random sample of pictures from around my new place.

My Curious George jack in the box.

A fun picture my Mom found for me. I have no idea where. Go Sox!

A cute little notepad I found recently at Swoozie's.

Spices and dried pasta sitting on one of my island shelves. I picked up the Mi Madre pepper sauce, Almendia (homemade almond milk), and Coqui Fire when I was in Puerto Rico.

The kitty I'm babysitting. She's not in the mood for a photo here.

But, here she is! :)

Hopefully this coming week will let me get out and take some photos! 'Til then . . .


Chesney said...

FUN pictures! No rush on the pictures, just enjoy your move! :)

Allison said...

Silly kitty! She does look like Maddie, huh? The Red Sox picture looks really cool. Is it big?