Final Tally

So, the end of 2009 is here and the "365 in 2009" challenge is practically over. I'm stopping my total at 287. I know that I could go back through many of the photos I've taken over the past year and find other themes, but I think I'm too tired. I started off strong, but the move in June and July really threw me off and I just never caught back up. Although, lacking only 78 themes isn't too bad.

With that said, I'm stopping with my 365 total and moving on to 2010's photo challenge. The format for the upcoming challenge I'm joining is a little different. I'll post more information about it in a day or two. Sunday Six will likely continue as I go into 2010.

Lastly, there will likely be a blog change around here. I will be republishing my entire blog into a more photo oriented blog either here or at Wordpress. I just haven't made up my mind! When I know . . . you'll know, too!

See you soon . . .


Madelaine said...

Happy New Year & Happy Blogging!

Allison said...

you did awesome! i fell off sunday six, 12 of 12, and in with the old... next year i truly intend to do more!